Unable to add a project to sonarcloud

I just bound my organisation Linagora to sonarcloud. I granted access to the project james-project.
However, https://sonarcloud.io/projects remains empty and https://sonarcloud.io/projects/create propose me to bind an organisation, as if it’s not bound yet.
If I try to reconfigure the github app, sonarcloud tell me that the organization is already bound and refuses to add my project.
Could you have a look ?

Hi Mathieu,

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In https://sonarcloud.io/projects/create, you should be able to select your organization and then your project should appear to import it.

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This is what I get :

So it’s when you click on Choose organization on GitHub and choose the organization that you want to bind that SonarCloud tells you that the organization is already bound, right?


Can you check that you are admin of the SonarCloud org? You’ll see the admin tab like this in your org :


I’m not


The thing is: I’ve been promoted admin of linagora github org after creating my account on sonarcloud.

Ok so that’s why you cannot import projects, and we should do something about it so that it’s clearer :slight_smile:

Can you ask another SonarCloud admin of the org to give you admin permissions for the org and you will be able to select the repositories.


It solved my problem, thank you

Thanks for your feedback and glad that it works for you!