Unable to analyze project in github organization


(Amr) #1

Hi there,

We have installed the SonarCloud plugin in our github organization. However in SonarCloud when I select Analyze new project (under the context of the same organization), Sonar reports:

‘We need you to install the SonarCloud GitHub application on one of your organization in order to select which repositories you want to analyze.’

If I then click "Choose an organization on github’, I am taken to github where I see the organizations I am a member of. One of which has the SonarCloud plugin installed and I am able to configure it. I have verified the github permissions for SonarCloud:
Read access to code
Read access to members and metadata
Read and write access to checks, commit statuses, and pull requests

The problem appears to be that SonarCloud does not detect the installed plugin.

Any assistance appreciated.


(Julien Lancelot) #2


It seems that you’ve installed the SonarCloud GitHub application before some changes that allow us to display the list of installed application.
You need to uninstall and reinstall the application in order to fix your issue.
You’ll be able to find more information here : https://sonarcloud.io/documentation/organizations/overview/

Julien Lancelot

(Amr) #3

Hi Julien,

Thanks for the reply.

Following the instructions, at step #6 I am redirected to the SonarCloud Create Organization page and do not see “Bind to an existing SonarCloud organization”. There is only the option of creating a new Organization…

I have repeated following the instructions a couple of times with the same result.

Can you offer any other suggestions please?

(Julien Lancelot) #4


If you’re not redirected to “Bind to an existing SonarCloud organization”, it means that you have no organization you’re admin and that is not already bound.,

Julien Lancelot