Problem binding to Github organization in new account

I’ve attempted a number of steps to bind our (private) Github organization to a new organization in sonarcloud. After configuring the app on github I’m redirect again to the sonarcloud but can’t login and the organization isn’t added.
Please help.

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Please try the following steps, and let me know at which point something doesn’t work as it’s supposed to.

First of all, I assume the organization does not exist on SonarCloud yet (because you were not able to created it). So when you click on your avatar icon in the top right corner on SonarCloud, then under My Organizations you do not see your organization. Please let me know if that’s not the case.

  1. Login to SonarCloud with your GitHub account that has admin permission on your GitHub org (= permission to install an app)

  2. From the “+” in the top right on SonarCloud, click Create new organization.

  3. The next page should give you the option to Choose an organization on GitHub for installing our application, or, if our application was already installed on the GitHub organization you want to import, then choose it from the list. At this point, please check the settings of your organization on GitHub, look in the Installed GitHub Apps menu to see if SonarCloud is already there. If yes, then choose the second option.

At this point please let me know which is your case, which option you choose, and what happens after you select it.

I’m getting this error when trying to add github organization to sonarcloud.

SonarCloud app is installed in Installed GitHub Apps (I tried to uninstall app and add again, even deleted my account from sonarcloud and reenter again).

Any help ?

I am also trying to connect my company’s private repo to sonar cloud. There are a couple things we’ve confirmed

  1. The person setting up has full admin access to both Github and SonarCloud
  2. We are subscribed to a premium SonarCloud account
  3. Upon adding a repo

The screen above loads for a while, and then it redirects you back to the login page.

I get the exact same issue as @coffeejack mentioned.

I really want to try SonarCloud but it seems to be impossible and no one address this very crucial part - it is not possible to connect a Github Organization…

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Same problem here. We also tried to delete a) the organization b) sonarcloud accoutn c) github integrations to start the entire process from scratch, but it didn’t work.

Bumping this as I am experiencing the same issue with a very finite time horizon within which to evaluate SonarCloud against other options. Has anyone gotten this to work?

Thank you all for reporting this. I’m currently investigating this problem in our integration with GitHub. As the issue seems to concern only private organizations, I’ve been in touch with the posters in this thread in private threads.

Apparently, for some organizations, we are not able to verify the membership of users importing the organization to SonarCloud, because we receive an unexpected response from GitHub API. I’m in touch with GitHub support to understand better how these organizations are different from others, and how this can be fixed.

I’m not aware of a workaround at this point. As this seems to happen to a few organizations only, if your organization is just a dummy one for testing, then you could try to import another organization instead. (So far this appears to be a very rare problem, the integration works for the vast majority of organizations.)

My conversation with GitHub is making progress, but there is no solution yet. I will keep this thread posted when I find out more.


It’s been a week since the last update and almost 3 months since the issue was first reported. Are there still no updates?

Rest assured, I will post here as soon as I have a relevant update from GitHub. No need to manually bump this thread. There’s nothing more we can do at our side at the moment.

Still no news from GitHub. We’re doing two things:

  • Keep pinging GitHub
  • Look for an alternative to avoid the misbehaving API

I prefer the 2nd way (because we waited long enough on the 1st, where we don’t have control), and post an update during the week.

An update from GitHub is that they haven’t forgotten about this, but no update yet, and no promises.

At our side, I’m not sure we can bypass the misbehaving API call, though I cannot conclude it yet. And I’m not sure that after bypassing this call, there won’t be further problems with subsequent calls that cannot be bypassed. So this alternative looks less and less promising.

Thanks for your efforts Janos. We can’t wait any longer and have to move on with another tool. As GitHub is rolling out it’s own code analysis, I don’t think they’ll give this much priority. However, I don’t understand why we didn’t have issues integrating our GH organization with Codeclimate or Codacy. :frowning:

I got update from GitHub. The problem seems to happen when the user who installed the app is also the billing manager for the organization. As a temporary workaround, perhaps those organizations could switch who is set up as the billing manager. Or set up a different account for the billing manager. Not really sure what the best workaround is, but just wanted to mention this, while GitHub is working on a fix at their end.

I will surely post an update when there’s more.

GitHub has deployed a fix. The workaround in the previous post is no longer needed. All of you should be able to complete the binding of your GitHub organizations now, with the latest app installation, or by uninstalling it first.

Let us know if you still experience issues!

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