No organization created from github [resolved]

I’m setting up for the first time to see if SonarCloud would be a good fit for us. Our projects are private repos on GitHub.

  1. I logged into SonarCloud via my GitHub account
  2. From the SonarCloud welcome page, I clicked “Import an organization from GitHub”
  3. I selected my organization, and selected the single repository I wanted to set this up on to start.
  4. GitHub admins at my organization approved that request to install
  5. There are no projects or organizations on my SonarCloud page to start working with

It appears to me that it didn’t import the organization from GitHub.
When I go through the same steps, GitHub does have the correct repo tagged as having SonarCloud “installed” on it.

It appears to be related to my authorization on github, the admins on github seem to have admin access on the sonarcloud side as well, so I just couldn’t get it set up.

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