Import an organization from GitHub

I am trying to connect GitHub with SonarCloud.
I did the following steps but I can’t get to the actual import of the organization

  • I logged in to SonarCloud with GitHub account
  • clicked “Import an organization from GitHub” - it took me to the GitHub I installed SonarCloud app gave Sonar access and gave access to all repos

and now I don’t know how this is supposed to work … I woiuld expect that I have to enter some payment info and that the organization from GH appears in the SonarCloud and I can proceed to import repos or call GH SonarCloud action to perform the scan
Something like when I click create organization manually what I don’t want to do
now when I in SonarCloud go to import organization feom GH it shows me GH organizationa and it shows that its installed there - there is a Configure link but it just gets me to the GH page where I already gave access and enabled access to all repos ?!

can you tell me how to proceed?


Hey there.

Something may have gone wrong when the application was created. Can you try deleting the GitHub application from your organization and attempting to import the organization once again (reinstalling the application)?