Cannot add a project from GitHub enterprise organization


I authorized a specific repo on an enterprise git, I can see in Github that Sonarcloud is authorized for it, but I cannot select the repo or the organization on Sonarcloud to be able to start the project setup.

any help is greatly appreciated.

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p.s. it works perfectly on my users’ projects.

Hey there.

There is a 1:1 mapping between GitHub organizations and SonarCloud organizations, meaning that if you are trying to add a repo from another GitHub organization than is associated with your existing SonarCloud organization… you won’t be able to find that repo. You will need to create a new organization and bind it to that other organization.

Am I understanding your context correctly?

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Hi Colin,

I added the organization, and the Admin approved my request to add Sonarcloud to it, I gave it access to 3 repos in the organization GitHub.

But under adding a project, I only see my private github and that github account repos, no repos from the organization account.

Hope I made my problem clearer now.

Thank you, BR

Hey @KozyLigh

Thanks for the additional information. So you don’t see the newly created organization when browsing this page, even grayed out?

Is your SonarCloud account a member of the new organization?

Greetings Colin,

yes my github account is a member of my personal and the enterprise. I submitted a request for integration to the enterprise and it got approved for the repository I want to test against in the CI/CD flow, but it doesn’t show, not even grayed out.

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