Issues binding to Github organisation in new account

I’ve attempted a number of steps to bind our (private) Github organisation to a new organisation in sonarcloud. I’ve run through a number of creation/deletion of the app on the Github side and also through the new organisation flow but no joy.

I’ve attempted to debug the best I can from my end and find an API call during one of the new organisation setups to{looks like an organisation ID} that returns a 401 and response
{“errors”:[{“msg”:“User is not admin of the ALM organization”}]}
so I’m now left wondering if someone else has attempted to register this Github organisation in the past and therefore I can’t enrol, or it’s generally already owned by someone, would someone help me debug?

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Hello @stevejhunt,

It seems like you’re not an administrator of the GitHub organisation you are trying to bind, this action can only be performed by administrators.

Thanks Tom. I’ve attempted the connection again just now so we can be sure that we’re talking about the same organisation and you might be able to review logs or permissions again? I am an owner/admin of the organisation on the Github side, can generally install any OAuth app or integration without issue.

I am also trying to connect my company’s private repo to sonar cloud. There are a couple things we’ve confirmed

  1. The person setting up has full admin access to both Github and SonarCloud
  2. We are subscribed to a premium SonarCloud account
  3. Upon adding a repo

The screen above loads for a while, and then it redirects you back to the login page.

I’m seeing this issue as well. Any guidance? I’ve tried deleting my org in SonarCloud and deactivating MFA in GitHub.