SonarQube 7.3 Released

Hi all,

:tada: SonarSource is proud to announce the release of SonarQube 7.3 today. :tada:

You can find the details of the most compelling new features in the official announcement.

In addition, here are a few technical details you probably want to make note of:

  • This version fixes a security vulnerability

  • Support for PostgreSQL < 9.3 has been dropped

  • APIs deprecated before 5.6 have been dropped. This means a double-handful of 3rd-party plugins are not compatible from 7.3 forward. I’ve marked what I believe to be the relevant plugins listed in SONAR-10138 incompatible in the Marketplace. If you’re the maintainer of a plugin that has incorrectly been marked incompatible, please ping me in this thread & we’ll get it fixed.

  • We made a start on embedding the documentation in the platform in 7.2, and 7.3 continues the work with better functionality and more docs. “Soon” all the docs should be on-board, but any early feedback on what’s already there would be appreciated.

As always, please read the releases notes and the upgrade notes very carefully.

Download is available at



Thank you SonarQube team to show 7.3 release. I wanna upgrade sonar-l10n-zh-plugin for SonarQube-7.3, but sonar-core-7.3 seems not upload to the maven central repository.

Should I just waiting for uploading new version release, Or there is other repo for downloading the dependency?

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Team foundation version control plugin is not available for this version?

Team foundation version control plugin is available when you copy it from older version.

Another problem is when I want to analyze another branch than master in git repository in community version. There is this error : To use the property “”, the branch plugin is required but not installed.

We don’t have to analyze master branch and there is not any chance to setup analyze to another branch. Why?

Hi @Zefek,

In order to be able to analyse branches you need the Developer Edition.
I let you have a look on the web site to see how to get it.


I was able to analyze another branch than master while updgrade to 7.2 in community edition. As I mentioned we don’t want to analyze master branch because we have one developer branch and we want to anylyzer this branch. Is it possible to select another branch than master to analyze in community version? Something like to say to sonar main branch is not master but developer?


The TFVC plugin is a repository in search of a maintainer. Explicitly, that means no one is currently maintaining it so, it’s incompatible because it uses dropped APIs, as explained here:


FYI @xuhuisheng , I see it there now:

Let us know if any remaining trouble.

@NicoB I can find the sonar-core-7.3 in central repository, Thank you.

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Hi, After installing the community versie 7.3 of SonarQube I got the same (see @Zefek a few day ago) problem with branches in TFS MSBuild integration (Note: I am not using GIT) and i donnot want to analyse branches.

“Validation of project reactor failed: o To use the property “”, the branch plugin is required but not installed.”

Now I am a little bit lost in the information. Is there a way to solve this problem? Or is a (bug)fix available?

Hope someone can help me?

Hi Adrie,

Please do not double-post, that way we avoid any parallel discussion. I’ll follow-up on your original note here:

Ok. Sorry for the double posting. But SonarQube is not working anymore and I am looking for a solution.

Understood. And to wrap-up this disgression, the good news is you got it fixed here:

Nice features.

Any ETA for an upcoming LTS within the 7.3.x realm ?

Thanks for kind words Christian. We don’t have an LTS ETA yet. I would guess late spring/early summer, but nothing’s been decided.

Hi Christian,

Given your LTS-related query, you might be interested in following this topic:

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