Non-zip Distributions of SonarQube

(Yuncheng He) #1

Thanks for all efforts for the version 7.3

Do you consider publishing a docker image for this version?

SonarQube 7.3 Released
(G Ann Campbell) #2


This is a good question, and something I should have addressed in the initial announcement. We won’t be publishing images for 7.3, but I’d give it slightly better than even odds for 7.4.


(Amorillotraxens) #3

Would it be possible to have a debian package published ? Until the 7.1, it was published on But it is not the case anymore.

(G Ann Campbell) #4

As mentioned above:

Debian packages aren’t in the picture either.


(CameronGo) #5

Hi @ganncamp, is there a reason the newer versions aren’t getting docker images? Docker containers are the environment in which we run all of our production apps and it would help to understand why that image isn’t being kept up to date. Are there functional limitations contributing to this?

(G Ann Campbell) #6


As I mentioned in another thread,

We aren’t publishing Docker images because we don’t feel we have the requisite mastery of the topic.

And also, from above: