Docker Container for 7.3

It would be great if we would have SonarCube version 7.3 as a docker container available

Hi Joachim,

This is planned for the next few weeks. I can’t provide an exact date for the time being.

Please stay tuned.

Came to request this. Our standard deployment method is Docker as it makes it really easy to deploy and upgrade

Hi, the quickest (and best) solution is to edit the version in Dockerfile and build the image by your own.
My 2 cents

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Hi Simon
I edited the docker file with 7.3 and built the image but while starting it I get an error
"standard_init_linux.go:190: exec user process caused “no such file or directory”

Any idea?

It is working now! My issue was that EOL was converted to CRLF, I changed it back to LF and now everything seems to work!

Hello. Own image is a workaround. The official image should be there to use.
@simon.brandhof The plan was to publish 7.3 as docker in a few weeks (8 weeks ago). Is the plan still active or canceled?


The plan is postponed. Hopefully we’ll have a 7.4 version available “soon” - but no promises.


As 7.4 is out, will there be a docker image?


That’s the plan, but obviously not concurrent with the main release.


We’ve just released official images of SonarQube Community Edition 7.4 and 6.7.6, available on the hub.

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