Docker Container for 7.3


(Joachim Aumann) #1

It would be great if we would have SonarCube version 7.3 as a docker container available

SonarQube docker images
(Simon Brandhof) #2

Hi Joachim,

This is planned for the next few weeks. I can’t provide an exact date for the time being.

Please stay tuned.

(Patrick Skillen) #3

Came to request this. Our standard deployment method is Docker as it makes it really easy to deploy and upgrade

(Simon Brandhof) #4

Hi, the quickest (and best) solution is to edit the version in Dockerfile and build the image by your own.
My 2 cents

(Laurent Kempé) #5

Hi Simon
I edited the docker file with 7.3 and built the image but while starting it I get an error
"standard_init_linux.go:190: exec user process caused “no such file or directory”

Any idea?

(Laurent Kempé) #6

It is working now! My issue was that EOL was converted to CRLF, I changed it back to LF and now everything seems to work!

(Eugen Richter) #7

Hello. Own image is a workaround. The official image should be there to use.
@simon.brandhof The plan was to publish 7.3 as docker in a few weeks (8 weeks ago). Is the plan still active or canceled?

(G Ann Campbell) #8


The plan is postponed. Hopefully we’ll have a 7.4 version available “soon” - but no promises.


(Claas Diederichs) #9

As 7.4 is out, will there be a docker image?

(G Ann Campbell) #10


That’s the plan, but obviously not concurrent with the main release.


(Janos Gyerik) #11

We’ve just released official images of SonarQube Community Edition 7.4 and 6.7.6, available on the hub.