Docker image 8.7 availability


I am using the official docker images from Docker Hub to host an Enterprise Edition currently in version 8.4.2.
The Administration → System page informs me about the new version 8.7. Heading over to Docker Hub doesn’t show me any image for that version; only for 8.6.1. Your official Docker Hub page is this one, right? Are they still in release process or are they released with any delay that I can refer to when planning an update?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @justus_bunsi,

The release 8.7 of the docker image is in the validation process of docker hub right now.
You can track the open pull request on GitHub.


Any idea when this might get merged? About to build a new SonarQube infrastructure and would rather start on 8.7.

It is merged. Our infrastructure was successfully upgraded to 8.7.0 yesterday. :slight_smile:

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