I need some help understanding docker image versions

We are considering to use SonarQube developer or enterprise within our own kubernetes in some future, but I have a hard time understanding the versions of the official docker images.

According to the docker hub site there exists only a community image for 7.9.2, and a community, developer and enterprise image for 8.1, but all marked with “beta”. However on the Download Page, 8.1 seems to be GA, which is a bit confusing to me, so this raises a few questions:

  • Are the 8.1 docker image stable enough to be used in production? What exactly does the “beta” refer to here?
  • Are there no developer or enterprise docker images for the LTS version?
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Welcome to the community!

The 8.1 docker image is beta, SonarQube is not. I would not recommend to go blindly in prod with the beta image. As the name suggest, they are in beta : we are glad to receive feedback on them. Some known issues are with plugins upgrade, configuration hard to achieve, permissions issues on Centos host with user 999 that collide with the Centos polkit user.

No developer nor enterprise image for the LTS indeed, and they are not planned.


Hey, thank you very much for the quick response.

Am I understanding this correctly that there is currently no official/recommended way to have a sonarqube developer or enterprise version running self hosted in a kubernetes, or any other docker based environment?

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Yes, you are understanding correctly.

This is also an issue with sonar 8.3.1-enterprise running on RHEL