Why Official Docker Image 8.1 "Beta"

Hi everybody,

just a common question: Why are the 8.x Docker Containers “Beta” ? Are they not recommendable to use in production?
Currently I use the official 7.6 Community Docker Container in Production for a long time and had no problems with it but I want to upgrade.


Hi Christoph,

Thanks for asking!

We have policy of dogfooding changes internally to the extent possible before releasing. We haven’t had a chance to do that enough with the Docker images enough to be comfortable endorsing them. Nonetheless, we made them available anyway because there was such a need in the community that “solutions” we weren’t comfortable with were bubbling to the surface and we kept getting asked about them.

So! The plan is for these to be GA “soon”. I can’t give you a date or make promises, but look for it in conjunction with 8.2.


Hi Ann,

we’re running the latest 7.9.2-community edition within Docker

If we want to purchase the Developer Edition and run it within Docker - Do you recommend to wait for a GA Docker Image or is the Beta stable enough?

Just for your companies self-confidence: I use your “official” Docker Images nearly for 2 years now in production and never had problems with them :slight_smile:

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Hello @Christoph_Forster,

That is great to hear!

Beta here means 2 things:

  • what Ann said. We didn’t extensively tested these images on the battlefield (real production instance, with significant load). So they work but they could also suffer from issues that only occurs on production environments (ssl, reverse proxy, permissions, logging, etc.). We are currently doing these tests.
  • they could significantely changed from one version to another without deprecation period. Ie. if we figured out that A should be replaced by B, we simply do it even if A doesn’t work anymore.

Based on these explanations, I recommand you to wait for an official Developer Edition image.


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@Antoine thanks for reply.
OK so I will wait for the official Developer Edition Docker.