Upgrade 7.1 Developer Edition to 7.9

Sonarqube Version: 7.1 Developer Edition

What I Want To Achieve: I want to upgrade to 7.9 Developer Edition. This is our Prod Instance so can’t do testing on it.

Query: If I change the docker image to 7.9-community in the helm chart and perform upgrade, this will upgrade to community edition and after I apply the license again from the GUI it will move to Developer Edition. Is this possible?

Performing the above activity, Will my data stay intact / Previous analysis?


What I know about Docker/Helm would fit comfortably in a thimble. But! I do know about SonarQube editions, and I can tell you that they are different bundles, so there’s no upgrade from Community Edition to Developer Edition in the way you described. If you’re already on Developer Edition and you really want to use Docker, then you’ll need to find/make a 7.9 Developer Edition Docker image and use that, in which case there’s no point in fooling with the CE Docker image.



I agree - fooling is not a solution. I will try to create a DE Docker Image and perform the upgrade. If that works I will share my solution.

When are you guys planning to release Developer Edition 8.0 Docker Image? Last time you said probably end of September.


Hi Nabil,

Would you believe me at this point if I said “soon”? We’re working on this, and are likely to put out unsupported images with 8.0 (no promises!) but we want to dogfood internally some more before we say we’ll stand behind it.