Developer Edition Trial Setup Help

SonarQube Version: 7.5

I received a trial for Developer Edition. I am running the community edition on a kubernetes cluster. The community edition was installed via helm.

I want to evaluate Developer Edition features with the trial. Is there a docker file for the developer edition? Ideally the instance would be run from the kubernetes cluster with minimal setup. It shouldn’t matter if the database contents are lost during the upgrade.

Or am I going about this all wrong, and there’s a way to upgrade my community edition to developer edition without updating resources, but just by inputing the trial key?

For future reference – I found a solution.

I built this Dockerfile (hopefully his PR gets approved, he did an awesome job)

Pushed the newly built container to my Dockerhub

Modified values.yaml with my pushed container image name and tag

helm upgrade $release-name . --debug -f values.yaml

navigated to /setup and upgraded my database