Cannot find developer edition docker LTS image for SonarQube


I’m looking to install SonarQube LTS Developer edition for our Production but I don’t find any developer edition docker image for LTS in docker hub (link: I see only one LTS docker image recently updated and after spinning up sonarqube instance using that image, I don’t have any option to update the license.
Please advise.

Hi @Ramya_Yarru ,

the current LTS is not supported to be run on docker by sonarsource. We offer a docker image for the community edition but for the commercial editions you would have to build a image on your own, use the current version or wait for the next LTS.

hope that answers your question

okay so as per documents, next LTS would be released in January 2021 right?

Beginning of 2021, yes :+1:

Okay so right now for production, can I go for installing 8.3v and then go for upgrading to latest LTS version in 2021 without issues?

as you can see from our docs the upgrade path is valid, yes

Thank you.

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