Supported docker container version of SonarQube developer/enterprise edition

(Fabio) #1


is there a supported docker container version of SonarQube developer/enterprise edition?


(Carine Lacombe) #2

Hi @fabio.bazzani,

Currently, we only offer an official docker image for our Community Edition, and while we may explore the possibility of opening this up to our Commercial Editions in the future, we do not have any timeline to share. You might find some community supported docker images for the commercial edition if you look around.

Have a look at these two other threads, very closely related to yours:
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And to put a bit more of context into my reply, historically, we have not recommended using containers to deploy SonarQube in production because commonly, containers are used to easily deploy and shutdown many instances of an application that have similar configurations whereas SonarQube is more designed to be deployed once.