Use Enterprise edition in SonarQube helm chart

I’m using the sonarqube chart helm to instantiate it, but I wanted to use an enterprise edition instead of the community, does anyone know how to do that since the docker hub only has community images.


We don’t provide yet commercial edition on Docker Hub. We plan to release them, but if don’t want to wait you can fork the Community Dockerfile and build your own image : replace the community edition with the edition you want here.

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Hello Pierre,

You mean you don’t provide yet enterprise edition correct? If i want to use a enterprise edition i must create my own docker image correct?

Exactly. Commercial edition has been requested on github, and you can watch the MMF-1604 here to get notified when the images get released.

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Thank you :smiley:

Hi @Ricardo_Carvalho please check Docker Hub. Now, the enterprise edition is available, there. docker pull sonarqube:8.1-enterprise-beta.