Kubernetes - Upgrade SonarQube from Community Edition to Enterprise Edition

Hello Everyone,

I am writing from ASELSAN and we are using SonarQube Enterprise Edition Version 9.4 (build 54424) with 5 million code line.

We are trying to set bitnami/SonarQube by using Kubernetes. Only Community Edition comes as the default option during the installation phase, but we want to use Enterprise Edition. We know that we can change our license on Administration/Marketplace page, but we do not have Internet connection on our devices (closed network). Therefore, how can we set SonarQube Enterprise Edition in this situation. Could you please help us?

Thank you for your help,
Best regards.

Onur Keskin (ASELSAN)

Hey there.

Setting a license doesn’t require internet connection. You just have to make sure you’ve installed the Enterprise Edition so you have access to the license manager.

Hello @onurkeskin, thanks a lot for taking the time to contribute to the community.

As you may not know, we only support latest SonarQube version ( 9.7.1 right now ) and the LTS version ( 8.9.10 ).
On top of that, we provide our own Helm Chart, so we do not support bitnami’s helm chart.

If you want to use the Enterprise Edition, i would suggest you to use this Helm Chart with that specific value edition=enterprise

Jeremy Cotineau

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