How to upgrade the Sonarqube Community Edition to a Enterprise or Data Center edition?

currently I use the Bitnami Community Edition ver 7.9.1 on Google Cloud Platform.If I already have an on-premise instance of Sonarqube installed locally with the Enterprise license, can I use the same license during the Sonarqube upgrade from the Community Edition to the Enterprise Edition on the GCP virtual machine? If yes, are the costs the same of my EE license (aka BYOL license)?

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I am not sure I completely get your point but let me try to answer.
You have currently a SonarQube Community server running in 7.9. You want to upgrade to Enterprise Edition on this same server. And you also already have a SonarQube Enterprise license running. Am I right?

If yes, and if you want to keep your 2 SonarQube Enterprise servers running you will need 2 licenses (assuming these 2 servers are for production purposes) and you should reach out to your Sales Rep to have all the information needed. License keys are tied to the ServerIDs of each SonarQube server. So a license can’t be applied at 2 different places.

By the way, you will find the prices and plans on our website here.

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