Move from CE docker container to EE

Hi Everyone

We’ve been running sonarqube CE using the docker image for over a year now, and after much nagging, have convinced the business to purchase and Enterprise License.

To use the license, I can see an option in the admin->marketplace to Upgrade to Enterprise Edition, and it asks me for a License.

Is the upgrade process as simple as putting my license into that box and pressing restart?

We have numerous projects using the server, will those have to be reconfigured?

Any help, greatly appreciated.


Congrats on getting the upgrade you wanted! :smile:

I don’t see quite this same option in 7.9 Community Edition. What version are you on? If it’s not 7.9.1, you should give strong consideration to upgrading versions at the same time you upgrade editions. Then it becomes a matter of downloading the correct version/edition bundle and following the upgrade guide. Once you’ve got your new instance up and running, log in and (assuming you’re a global admin) you’ll be prompted to go to the license page and enter your key. At that point, you’re good to go.

Notice I haven’t addressed “Docker” here. That’s because we currently only offer/support Docker for CE. We’re planning to get there with DE and EE, but I can’t give you any details yet. (Maybe for 8.0.) If you really want to do this via Docker then I believe you can edit your Docker file to point to the correct edition. (But I’m no Docker-ista.)

Back to your specific points

As I’ve noted above, the mechanics are slightly more complicated than what you describe, but basically yes. Drop your license key in to your upgraded instance and you’re good to go. Nothing to be updated / changed / reconfigured in your projects.


Hello Ann,

Are you now supporting Docker for SQ EE 8.3 ?


Hi @jemrpo,

Welcome to our forum!

You will find the docker images on the docker hub:
And you can upgrade your SonarQube to our latest version (8.4), that we just released!

(PS: “pinging” someone namely on this forum is not a good practice, as you can have answers from a lot of different people, SonarSourcers or not, that can help you :wink: )