Upgrade from CE to EE

Hi, we are currently running SonarQube 7.4 CE, and we already have a license for EE.
A few questions:

  1. We need to re-install SonarQube with enterprise package edition right?
  2. If we do need to re-install, is that okay to re-install it on the same server?
  3. Does it have any affect on our existing projects in the current 7.4 CE version if we re-install? And we can just point it to the same database right?

Thank you

1 and 2: Yes, and we would recommend installing the Latest (v7.7) and treating this as an upgrade. We support our LTS and the Latest version of our non-LTS releases.
3: There are two questions there. :wink:

  • Upgrading to EE doesn’t directly impact existing projects. If you’re using default quality profiles you could see some new rules start to trigger issues, or you might see new languages supported. Those changes would occur after your next analysis.
  • Pointing your new install to the existing database is a vital part of the upgrade!

Basically, treat this as an upgarde and make sure you’re following the Upgrade Guide.

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Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:


Just a quick question. Does the Server ID will be different if we install the new enterprise package?

I provided to Sonar team our CE server ID and afraid if I re-install it with enterprise package. The Server ID will be different, so the license key won’t work. And we will have to wait couple days to get a new license key. But it might affect some of our teams since this is our PROD environment

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Toan Vo


Will you create a new database for your EE environment?

If you keep the same database link, the license key you got from SonarSource with your current ServerID should work.
And still, if you have any issue, you can send the “new” ServerID to your contact (Sales Rep I suppose?) and we’ll provide you the new key in few hours, so it should not affect your PROD environment.


We are using the same database. Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: