Migration to Enterprise Edition Coupled with SonarQube Upgrade

Current setup:

  • SonarQube CE v6.7.7 LTS
  • Database migrated to PostgreSQL from MySQL (the new migration tool worked great!)
  • All plugins are up-to-date
  • Have all the above also running on a test system.

What I am trying to achieve

  • Upgrade the test system to SonarQube 7.7
  • Migrate from Community Edition to Enterprise Edition on test system using evaluation key.
  • Repeat for our live SonarQube as soon as testing is complete & full license key is available (purchase has been approved!)

My question is simple… what is the optimal order in which to do things? Upgrade the test server to 7.7 CE and then switch to EE? Or switch to 6.7.7 EE first and then upgrade to v7.7?

I have read documentation but there seems to be little nuggets of useful pointers all over the place with nothing in one single place.


You can upgrade directly from 6.7 CE to 7.7 EE. Simplest path :slight_smile:



And thanks the feedback !

Directly upgrading from 6.7 CE to 7.7 EE (and then inputting the license key) turned out to be very simple and straightforward. So, thank you very much for the re-assurance. It was very helpful.

I would like to suggest that the documentation should make it clear that upgrading is this easy!

Separately, it would have helped if the documentation provided a checklist to help with planning a move from CE to either DE or EE. This would help ensure that a trial license key (valid for only 14 days) is used effectively. It would also help ensure that a full license key is actually worth what was paid for it sooner rather than later.

To illustrate, the documentation Branches Overview does mention that regular expressions are used to identify long-lived branches. Well, if that had been highlighted in a check-list then I could have implemented branch re-naming (standardisation) in GitHub before the upgrade.

There are other examples where a stitch in time would have saved nine…

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