Sonarqube License usage on 7.9.1-EE ( upgrade CE to EE )

Hi Team

I am using Sonarqube 7.9.1 community edition and now we have enterprise edition license and i wanted to use it.

  1. If am install or copy folder Sonarqube-7.9.1-ee ? will retain the same server ID?
  2. If not we will have new Server ID and we need to ask Sonarqube suport to generate new License Key for 30M Loc for new server?
  3. Please assist . ( this is for IBM-CIC-UK has purchased 30M Loc for Sonarqube 7.9.1
  4. Now i dont have that copy of and i can you use latest “” Is it holds good.
  5. Kindly revert back on top priority or we can have zoom call

Prasanna Mansabdar
IBM-CIC-UK - Preston

HI @Prasanna_Mansabdar,

As your company recently bought SonarQube Enterprise Edition 30M LOC, I woud recommend to go directly to your Sales Rep, to have your access to Support created, so you can raise tickets in case needed.

To answer your questions :

  • When you upgrade to EE, the ServerID should not change if you don’t change your DB. In case, your ServerID changes, you will ask your Sales contact for a new license key for your Enterprise server.
  • You will find the correct binary to download on this link (go on LTS version)

HTH, and in case you need any more help, please reach out to your Sales contact.


Hi Carine,

Could you please guide me , how to create support ticket?

Without upgrade existing 7.9.1 CE- i am going to follow these steps. Would that be ok ?

  1. I downloaded and and extract and placed under sonarqube mount point
  2. Use the same postgreSQL to connect
  3. Configure the Crowd enabled.

Hi @Prasanna_Mansabdar,

you should contact direclty your Sales Rep. He/She will give you all the details to set up your Service Desk account and guide you to open your ticket (in case needed).


Hi Carine,

How about my approach on upgrade CE to EE with same PostgresSQL ?

Here is the explanation on how to upgrade your Server CE to EE:

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Hi Carine,

Is license compatible with 7.9.3 - Enterprise edition too? we had used sonarqube-enterprise-7.9.1 version for PoC activities. Now source available. Hope License is for application not for version right?

Please do clarify