Upgrade from SonarQube's Developer Edition to Enterprise Edition not updating license

My company recently upgraded our SonarQube (ver- license from the Developer Edition to the Enterprise Edition. After install and setup when we attempt to activate with our new EE license we keep getting an error saying the installation doesn’t match. We downloaded the EE edition software direct from Download | SonarQube, and followed the upgrade instructions from Upgrade Guide | SonarQube Docs but the license keeps getting rejected.

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Hi @cpidge
Did you send your new ServerID and version to your Sales rep so he/she can send you the correct license key?

Hi Carine,
thank you for the response, from my understanding of the problem since we were upgrading from a developer version of SonarQube the Server ID remained the same. But the issue now appears to be a host mix up so the issue as you stated may be related to an incorrect Server ID. I’ll follow up with Ken, after I started this post I found one that he started to resolve our issue ( Developer to Enterprise - SonarQube - Sonar Community (sonarsource.com)).

Edit: we have confirmed the issue has been resolved with the steps taken in the above post. thank you again for your help!


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