License - Enterprise vs Developer Edition

  • 6.7.6 Developer Edition currently utilized
  • upgrade to 7.9.3 Enterprise Edition
  • upgraded to 7.9.3 but same license is not working can license be modified or need to revert back to Developer edition by just installing Developer edition on top of current setup
    Thank you

Hi Siddhartha,

Welcome to the community!

The best way to get help regarding licensing topics is going to be by emailing us on and provide:

  • New server ID
  • Old server ID
  • Current SonarQube version you are using

For information, a Server ID (which the license is tied to) will change if the sonar.jdbc.url configuration for the SonarQube instance changes.
During the upgrade something must have triggered a change, so the only way to fix is to contact us to update the license key.

Thank you

Thank you Luis for your response though it came a bit late than expected… no worries :slight_smile:
I was having backup so went ahead and revert the Edition from Enterprise to Developer
It worked just fine with 5 min time on DB update which was one of my concern.
So all good.

Great to hear that is working.

But don’t you still need to upgrade to Enterprise Edition?

No, our requirements are met with developer edition itself.

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