SonarQube - downgrade from Enterprise to Developer

is there any quick way to switch from SonarQube Enterprise Edition to Developer Edition ?
Our new Developer’s licence says that “the license edition (Developer) does not match the installation edition (Enterprise)”
Thanks in advance for your support.

Hey there.

It’s pretty simple – treat it like an upgrade (substitute the DE binaries for EE, and move your configuration/plugins). See the note on changing your edition in the upgrade guide!

Hello Colin,
Thank you for good fix, but I heve one more question.
For now we are using version 8.8.0 and as far as I know we shoul upgrade to ver 8.9 LTS and then to latest 9.9 LTS. Is this true and if so where can I get ver. 8.9 ?

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Hey there.

You’re right, that is the upgrade path!

You should find v8.9 LTS on this page… but it’s not there. I’ve raised a point internally.

I can get you the right download link if you tell me the edition you’re using.

Thank you,
I already found the correct file in ver 8.9 LTS
So far we have been using version 8.8.0 enterprise. Ultimately, I’d like to move to the 9.9 LTS developer edition. Because that’s the license we have now.
So what is the best path in your opinion, in case we are doing upgrade and license change at the same time?


You can use any path you want – the edition won’t have an impact, but of course, you’ll want to land on a Developer Edition in the end.

Thanks for the tips so far
I upgraded from ver 8.8 to 8.9
Now I have a request from to upgrade the database (message below).
Should I do it and if so, can I somehow protect myself with a database backup?
The database is remote here: sonar.jdbc.url=jdbc:sqlserver://


Upgrade Database

The database upgrade can take several minutes.
It is mandatory to back up database before upgrading.
Make sure you have followed the steps from the SonarQube Upgrade guide.

This just refers to migrating the schema from one that is compatible with 8.9 to one that is compatible with 9.9. It won’t upgrade the database software version.

You must do it to complete the upgrade, and we highly suggest making a backup beforehand.

I hope this is my last question.
Is there any quick guide on how to make such a backup from the database that is in: sonar.jdbc.url=jdbc:sqlserver://

I think Google is your friend here – it’s outside the scope of this community.

All works beautifully.
Thank you for your help.