SonarQube Developer Edition and License Key - Matching with Server ID

I am taking a look at SonarQube Community 8.9.9 and also the same version in the Developer Edition.
I want to first have a working Community edition deployed on OpenShift and then based on team needs, upgrade to the developer edition.

There are two things I want to confirm. Firstly, is there a way to directly upgrade Community to Developer edition…popping in a license key somewhere perhaps? If there isn’t, this is not actually all that important as I can just download the developer edition.

The more important thing is whether I can download the developer edition separately and purchase the license key separately and have them work together. I am downloading from SonarSource Downloads-CDN, if I were to download the files for Sonar from here and then separately obtain a license, should there be any issue in adding in the license?

I noticed that with the Developer edition, there is mention of the license being compatible with the Server ID. How can I confirm that these work in tandem?
Appreciate any insight!


Welcome to the community!

It’s not quite that simple. You’ll need to replace your Community Edtion deployment with a Developer Edition deployment (which itself is a pretty simple operation) and then pop in a license key.

Yes, absolutely!

When you spin up your DE version, you can go to the Administration → Configuration → License Manager page to get your server ID. Pass that to your sales contact & they can give you the correct license key.


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Excellent! Appreciate the quick response Ann!

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