Upgrade SQ docker container from 7.9.3 CE to 8.5 EE

We are planning to upgrade from SQ 7.9.3 CE to SQ 8.5 EE.
In the current setup there are multiple SQ CE docker containers with multiple databases.

In the new setup, we want a single SQ EE container with a single database. This new setup will be run on a different server/infrastructure.

The approach is as follows:

  1. Deploy SQ 7.9.3 CE docker container on the new server to get the ServerId
  2. Upgrade to SQ 7.9.3 EE docker container, here do I need to use the enterprise zip or is the CE version with a valid EE license enough?
  3. Use the Project Move functionality to merge all the projects from the different databases into one
  4. Upgrade to 8.5 EE following the Sonarqube Upgrade guide

My question is if this is the correct approach or is there a simpler way to achieve this?


I would really treat this as 3 different (sub)projects:

When you organize it like that, then I think the easiest thing to do is this:

  1. Back up all databases. (You shouldn’t actually need these backups. But, just… you know.)

  2. Transition to 1 DB on Enterprise Edition. To use project move, all your existing instances need to be at the same SonarQube version. They’re all already at 7.9.3, so just take advantage of that. Do the in-place version upgrade on all servers and consolidate.

  3. Now that you have 1 DB, do the version upgrade. You’ve only got one instance to upgrade so you’ve already saved time and effort. (Woo hoo!)

  4. Now do the move to Docker. You’re pointing to the same DB whether you’re running on Docker or as a service so getting this far before you make the Docker move has saved you the uncertainty of handling multiple changes/variables at once.


P.S. I guess you’re already aware that you’ll need to work with the folks on the sales side to handle the temp licenses you’ll need for your Project Move step. They’ll be happy to help you out.

Hey Ann,

Thanks for your reply. Need a clarification though.
Like I mentioned, we already have SQ instances running as docker containers. To upgrade SQ to EE to merge the databases into one (I understand a temp license should be fine here) do I need to use the enterprise zip in the docker image or is the CE version with a valid EE license enough to get going with the Project Move functionality?


Hi Shubhangi,

Okay! I missed (or mis-read) that.

Whether it’s zip or Docker, you’ll need to use EE (with licenses) to get access to the export/import functionality.