Upgrade from 8.3 CE to 8.7 Enterprise edition

Hi, Thanks for all your help !

We have 8.3 CE and want to upgrade to 8.7 Enterprise Edition.

  1. Can i do it on same server by unzipping package on different folder?
  2. Can I use same SQL Database server and SQLJDBC.dll version for authentication or do I need to do it on new server?
  3. Do I need to follow any path from 8.3 to 8.7 for upgrade or can I do it directly to 8.7 without any upgrading patch wise.


Hi Pavan,

Since you’re within the same major version of SonarQube, you can just do it by running the latest Enterprise Edition software against your existing database. I’d, of course, recommend backing it up first just in case. After a short schema update and data migration (which will happen on first connection from the new version) you’ll be all upgraded.

Also note that the latest release is 8.8, not 8.7, and in fact 8.9 is expected in just a few weeks!

Jeff - Thanks for reply, Will wait for 8.9

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