Migrating from community to enterprise


I’m considering a migration from a SonarQube Community 7.1.0 to 7.9.1 Enterprise. Both have been working on different teams and both have different projects. I would like to merge the community into the enterprise in order to keep the history.

I read about the DB copy tool but I guess it is only for moving to a clean DB right?
Also the “move project” export setting is only for enterprise, so I guess not an option here.

Has anyone been in this scenario? Is there a way to achieve this?


Welcome to the community!

I’d like to treat this as two different topics:

  • Combining 2 instances. In fact, since your target instance is Enterprise Edition, Project Move is the way to go. With project move, you export the project from one instance and then import it to the other. You’ll need to meet the requirements (both servers on the same version & same plugins) but it shouldn’t be hard. The only question here is getting a temporary Enterprise license for your Community Edition so you have access to export those projects. I’m not in the department that controls licenses, but I’m sure they’ll be quite happy to work with you on this.

  • Upgrading. It’s worth noting that the current LTS version is 7.9.3. The only that that goes into a point release of the LTS is bug fixes so while you’re at this you probably want to go ahead & bump up to that latest version.