Migrating projects in bulk from one istance to others

  • Sonarqube Instance 1 : 7.3 enterprise, Sonarqube instance 2 : 8.2 DC
  • Trying to migrate the projects in bulk from Sonarqube Instance 1 to Sonarqube Instance 2
  • I am analysing Project Move option but we have around 150 projects on Source and 1 project on target and wondering if there is any easier way to do this.
    Any help is appreciated.



Welcome to the community!

For project move to work, both source and target need to be at the same version. So either way, your first step is to upgrade your 7.3 instance.

From there it’s easier to move the 1 project than the 150. I guess “8.2 DC” means you’re on data center edition? If so, then you have professional support available. (And they actually have SLAs! :smiley:). You might want to check in with them on this.


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