Merge two sonarqube instances


We have two sonarqube docker instances running with two different versions and databases. We are planning to merge them into one instance and would like to understand if it is possible ? Any help is greatly appreciated . PFB the details

Sonarqube 1: running on 6.7.3 with Mysql database on Linux

Sonarqube 2: running on 8.3 with Postgresql database on Linux


There is no way to merge 2 instances.
However, you can upgrade both instances to a matching version of the enterprise edition and then export projects in one instance and import them into the other instance. More info: Project Move | SonarQube Docs

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Thanks @dmeneses for the reply. So for project move to happen, I need to

  1. Do a db migration from Mysql to postgresql using the Mysql-migration tool.
  2. Then Upgrade my sonarqube 1 instance to 7.9.x
  3. Then upgrade it further to 8.3 version so as to ensure that version of both the sonarqubes is same
  4. Then perform the project move.

Hope my understanding is correct

I don’t think you need to do step 1. The import/export should work with instances of the same version using different DBs vendors.

The other steps look correct to me, assuming you’re already using the enterprise edition. As noted in the documentation, make sure they also have the same custom metrics/rules, if they have any.

As always, please create backups before performing these operations.

Yes, we are using the enterprise edition. The reason for including step 1 is, that mysql is not supported by sonarqube starting from 7.9.x. So if i don’t migrate the data to other db vendor, i wont be able to upgrade the sonarqube and therefore cant ensure both the instances to be same.

Sorry, I forgot about that. You’re right, unfortunately you’ll have to move it to postgresql to get this done.

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