How to merge two SonarQube instance?


I read the topic, How to consolidate multiple SonarQube instances, but I’m not sure it meets my needs.

My configuration:

  • 1 “Community Edition” v9.9.3 instance with a “Quality Profile” for Cobol, PostgreSQL v12
  • 1 “Community Edition” v9.9 instance for Java, PostgreSQL v12 projects

We want to bring together these two instances, on the one dedicated to Java projects, while keeping the history.

Is it possible ?

Hey there.

I’m not sure how you’re analyzing COBOL on a Community Edition instance (as far as I’m aware there are no community plugins that analyze COBOL) – if I’m wrong, let me know.

If you have an Enterprise Edition license (double check), you would be able to take advantage of Project Move to move projects from a Community Edition instance to an Enterprise edition instance.

I use a “Community Edition” instance with my own plugin to feed the scanner, for the cobol.
For Java programs, it’s another classic “Community Edition” instance.

My goal is to put the Cobol PostgreSQL database, with its history, in the Java PostgreSQL database.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. You can’t merge two SonarQube databases without using Project Move.