Upgrade Community edition to Enterprise Edition

I have SonarQube * Community Edition * Version 9.1 (build 47736) installed.

I would like to install Enterprise Edition trial version.

Is it possible to upgrade existing Community Edition to Enterprise Edition with free trial license?
If that is not possible, will these 2 editions co-exist on same machine?

I have one more question; are the # of code review rules same in developer and enterprise edition?

Hi Raviraj,

You can apply for a 2-week trial period to explore all Enterprise features. Please send an email to contact@sonarsource in order to be redirected to our sales support team.

As for the upgrade question, I confirm that you can upgrade from Community Edition to Enterprise Edition: Upgrade Guide | SonarQube Docs
You will then be provided with a 2-week trial key to enjoy all advanced features.

Finally, on top of the rules covered by the Developer Edition, the Enterprise Edition provides support for Apex, COBOL, PL/I, RPG, VB6.