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(Maciej Ptak) #1


Can you please share any plans to create docker image for SonarQube 7.1 or 7.4 as Developer Edition?
I would be pleased if I could use such with branch-plugin included.

Also please share any details regarding next LTS version.

Best Regards,
Maciej Ptak

(Eugene Dubrovka) #2

We are using docker image for SQ7.1 Developer Edition. Works fine with branches. Get it from Docker Hub.
But there is no image for SQ7.4. SQ Sales contacted us whether we have would like to extend the license for one more year but could not provide any info about release plans on docker image.

This kind of relates also to Docker Container for 7.3 .

(Maciej Ptak) #3

Hi Eugene,

We have installed SQ 7.1 DE and when it comes to branch plugin I got following:

That’s why I thought it is not available in this particular docker image.


(Eugene Dubrovka) #4

You should also get the license plugin installed and one more menu option under Administration -> General, I think.

But that is all. Now we are both stuck with this version. We have bunch of updated for plugins like Java or Git but we cannot install them since we require 7.3+. :smiley: Nevertheless, enjoy.

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(Gash Teshome) #6

@maciej.ptak If you are still looking for a Docker image for SQ 7.4 Developer Edition, I have a Dockerfile you can use to build your own. It’s based on the last official Dockerfile from SonarSource.

(Eugene Dubrovka) #7

@gteshome , :+1:
I am afraid that this is the only option now…
For example, we already have an internal ticket to build docker image out of pretty much similar Dockerfile.

(Maciej Ptak) #8

Thanks Gash, awesome, I was looking just looking for this.

(Janos Gyerik) #9

We’ve just released official images of SonarQube Community Edition 7.4 and 6.7.6, available on the hub.

We don’t plan to release images of the commercial editions at the moment, but it’s definitely on our radars.

Docker image for SonarQube Community Edition 7.4
(Colin Mueller) #10