Supported docker container version of SonarQube developer/enterprise edition


is there a supported docker container version of SonarQube developer/enterprise edition?


Hi @fabio.bazzani,

Currently, we only offer an official docker image for our Community Edition, and while we may explore the possibility of opening this up to our Commercial Editions in the future, we do not have any timeline to share. You might find some community supported docker images for the commercial edition if you look around.

Have a look at these two other threads, very closely related to yours:
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And to put a bit more of context into my reply, historically, we have not recommended using containers to deploy SonarQube in production because commonly, containers are used to easily deploy and shutdown many instances of an application that have similar configurations whereas SonarQube is more designed to be deployed once.



I have some feedback on this issue, as someone who has been responsible for operating and upgrading Sonarqube Developer edition for the past 2 years, and who has championed the use of sonarqube within my organisation.

It’s disappointing that docker support for the Enterprise edition is now worse than the support for Community edition. I’m now paying for a license on software that I can’t easily upgrade. Neglecting the needs of people who are willing to pay for sonarqube is a bad way to retain customers.

It’s also not reasonable to expect your customers to take on the operational overhead of managing hardware or a VM, compared to running sonarqube on their container-scheduler of choice. Most container schedulers can ensure than only one copy of an application is running. It’s also not the case that running sonarqube in containers will allow people to violate / circumvent the software licensing.

It would be even better sonarsource offered a hosted version of sonarqube, to remove any need for people to operate their hardware, but I haven’t heard anything about sonar moving to this model.

I run sonarqube in kubernetes, and have no intention of moving sonarqube somewhere else. I really hope to see a bit more understanding towards the different ways that people run services.

Joe! SonarCloud is not exactly SonarQube as a service, and shouldn’t be considered as such, but they share the same static code analysis engine. Worth checking out to see if it fits your needs (best when folks are already using other Cloud ALM tools)

Putting that aside, Docker images for commercial editions are in our near-term plans! Feel free to follow along. We’d rather deliver something we’re confident in and use ourselves (we’ve never recommended using the existing Docker image for production workloads), rather than deliver something that causes pain for users… and for us.

That’s not neglect, that’s care. I like to think it’s that kind of care that makes SonarQube worth your time evangelizing!


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Hey Colin, I don’t think that’s the correct Jira issue. Sounds promising, it’ll be good to see the actual roadmap item.

Ah, sorry, updated. :slight_smile: