Dev edition as docker image


(Vladislav Riabets) #1

Hi guys! Currently using sonarqube community edition as docker image, and want to upgrade to dev edition. Could you assist me please how hard can it be in docker, to update edition. Also there is link between serverID and license, so from that i have a question how can i replace(is it even possible) server id of my sonarqube?

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(Colin Mueller) #2

Hey Validslav,

This is our current position on providing official docker images for our commercial editions:

No plan, but on our radar. You might find some community supported docker images for the commercial edition if you look around.

A Server ID is automatically generated, and only changes under certain circumstances (like changing the JDBC URL your SonarQube Instance uses to connect to the database). Why are you interested in replacing it?


(Vladislav Riabets) #3

If server ID ain’t changing at docker container restart so it’s not a problem, still if no official commercial image is available i will install it on separate VM.

(Eugene Dubrovka) #4

We are running SonarQube 7.1 Developer edition in a docker container. Database is in a separate image. We have already restarted and updated the image many times. Or plugins. Server ID has not changed, JDBC connection string was always the same (we use postgres also in docker).

(Vladislav Riabets) #5

@degree so you use self created docker image?

(Eugene Dubrovka) #6

no, we are not quite there yet. we are using official image of 7.1. we are migrating to own custom 7.5 next year. i wanted to point out that restarts do no affect server id in our case.

(Vladislav Riabets) #7

I see, and where did you get image with dev edition?

(Eugene Dubrovka) #8

We used the image of 7.1 from docker hub, switched edition to develop (this has installed license plugin) and it is working since then. For the version 7.5 we are going to create our own image. We have just started to create docker file. All I can offer you right now is this comment. I cannot guarantee that is will work in any way. I hope that when we find a working solution for dev edition of 7.5 then we will open the source on github.