Upgrades with docker containers changes server ID?

I have a docker image of sonarqube 7.1 edition running. It was originally a community edition. But we bought a license and upgraded to the developer edition from the GUI in the marketplace.

I built 7.9.1-community image. Applied it to a test system of our production instance to upgrade to latest 7 version. Went fine with some tweaking of the elastic search stuff.

I then built an image from 8.0-developer-beta in docker hub and applied it to the upgraded 7.9.1 instance. All good. BUT it seems the server ID has changed.

Will this not invalidate my license?

If so what is the process for getting the new server id applied to our license?

Hi @NemligTim,

Yes, it will, as the license is tied to a specific ServerID.

Just send your new ServerID (in your Administration menu, System infos) to your Sales rep, with the old one, so he/she can adjust the license key and generate a new one, tied to this new ServerID.


OK, Thank you. So every upgrade we need to contact the sales rep. Seems a bit heavy but I guess that is what we need to do.


Once you’ve caught up to at least 7.9.1 this shouldn’t be a problem any more. We changed server ID generation in … 7.3 IIRC. So after this you should be good.