Upgrading the database makes the license invalid (due to the checksum for “Server ID" changes)

Hi Everyone,
We’re experiencing the following issue:
Pre-conditions: We are upgrading SonarQube (Developer Edition) from version 7.7 to 7.9.3 LTS and deploying it to the test environment first.

Problem: We need to migrate SonarQube DB from MySQL to PostgreSQL (because SonarQube does not support the following versions of MySQL DB).
The thing is when we changing the database type, the checksum for “Server ID" changes as well. In this case, with the DB upgrade, the check of the “Server ID" code will not pass, and which makes the only license we have invalid. So how should we proceed with the upgrade of the DB?

Looking forward for your advice.
Kind regards,

Hi Valeriia,

we had the same problem when upgrading our db version and did as proposed here


If your update runs within normal business time you will get a quick respone with a new license
from Sonarsources sales team.



Thank you a lot, Gilbert :+1:

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