Sonar ID change invalidate the license

Hi Community,

Following up on the topic on how to apply license on SonarQube (Procedure On How to Apply License). I have few more queries…

We wanted to upgrade sonar to latest version 9.1.0 from sonar 6.7.2. with as minimal outage as possible(approx 2 hours). We are able to do the upgrade but our pipeline uses a sonar.branch feature which is only supported in SonarQube Developer Edition. So without the feature working we can’t have fully working Pipeline and our build team will be blocked.

So coming to the issues,
We got the sonar developer license for your sales team which is tied to our current sonar server ID for 6.7.2 MySQL backed Sonar Instance. During the upgrade process the sonar ID get changed twice and we can’t use to provided license.

The upgrade process we are following are as follows.

  1. Migrate SonarQube 6.7.2 MySQL DB to PGSQL DB by using mysql migrator-> Changes SeverID.
    GitHub - SonarSource/mysql-migrator: Command line tool to migrate MySQL database of SonarQube 6.7-7.8 to non-MySQL
  2. Upgrade incrementally to LTS version using upgrade path v6.7.2 > v7.9 LTS > v8.9 LTS > v9.1.0 (Moving to 7.9 from 6.7.2 again changes the server ID add some pre-fix in it)
  3. Move to Developer Edition

At stage 3 we can’t apply the license as it is invalid now and we can;t use the sonar CI CD pipeline as sonar.branch feature does not work and we get blocked.

Is there any way we can get the server id before had and get the license needed eventually or what are our alternatives.

Let me know in case you need more info on the issues.



I think, as you are using Developer Edition, you should contact your Sales rep to deal with this issue.
Sales rep can help you moving forward with your different migration steps.