Procedure On How to Apply License

I’m contacting you confirm on the procedure of applying sonar license, we got license form SonarSource for Developer Edition . As per my understanding form this forum, the way to apply the license will be following

Current Version: 6.7.2

  • Upgrade Sonar 6.7.2 to SonarQube 9.0 Community image.
  • Upgrade path needs to be followed is below
    SonarQube v6.7.2 > v7.9 LTS > v8.9 LTS > v9.0.
  • Update SonarQube 9.0 Community to SonarQube 9.0 Developer Edition.
  • Navigate to Sonar UI → Administration > License Manager page and apply provided license.

Can you please confirm its that’s correct.



Welcome to the community!

What you’ve listed is nearly perfect. Just 2 small changes:

First 9.0 is no longer the latest version. You’ll want to swap in 9.1 instead.
Second, there’s no need to do this:

You can make the jump to DE at any point in the process. So there’s no need to move to 9.1 CE and then 9.1 DE. Just go straight to 9.1 DE. The only thing that doesn’t work without the license is new analysis. So the upgrade will work just fine from version to version whether you jump to DE at 7.9 or at 9.1.