Apply license offline

our company got new/update license of Dev edition,
but unfortunately our sonarqube server has no access to internet, so i cannot apply the license.
Is there any instruction how to apply the license offline?
by the way, what is url sonar tries to reach out to register the license (maybe I#m luckly to whitelist it in the firewall)

thank you, Vitali


Welcome to the community!

What are you seeing that makes you think you can’t apply the license. This should work fine with or without internet access; we validate the license against your server ID, not against anything online.

Also, 6.7.* is past EOL. The current LTS is 7.9.2 and the current version is 8.2. You should upgrade to a recent version at your earliest convenience. (If you think 6.7 is cool, just wait till you see the new stuff! :smiley:)


Your instance may be reaching out to download additional plugins, in which case you need to install an (intact, no plugins removed) version of the 6.7 Developer Edition.

“Commercial Edition can’t automatically be installed because of internet access issues. Please manually install the package.How to install it?”

that the error I see, and our server already on Developers Edition (that was renew of the license), so just curios why i need install any package…

OK. the restart did the trick ! thank you