SonarQube 7.1 Developer Edition - How to apply new license?

We have a SonarQube 7.1 installation. It was a community edition. We bought a 250000 line license for developer edition. I applied it from the Marketplace view. All good.

Now we have bought a 500000 line license and want to apply it.

I know this sounds like a silly question.

But, for the life of me, I can’t find a license field to paste the new license in.

How do I apply the new license?


You need to go to Administration > Configuration > License Manager > Set new license.


There is no License Manager that I can see.

You need to have the “Administer System” permission.

Oh, sorry, you seem to already have the correct permission.

Are you sure you’re not using a Community Edition ?

I had the community edition and applied the license. Through the market place. I assumed it downloaded and installed the developer edition.

But I think I may know what has happened. The instance is running as a docker container on a kubernetes cluster. The container has been brought down and up again, which probably means the installed developer edition was probably lost.

But the Database still holds the license key.

Then you probably need to re-install the developer edition.

Yes, I was thinking about just downgrading in marketplace and then upgrading as a quick short term solution. Then afterwards rebuild my docker image with the developer addition and redeploy.

Thanks for your time.

Ok, keep us up-to-date to check everything goes well.

The UI downgrade to community edition followed by upgrade to developer edition and apply new license went fine.

Now I just need to build my container image with the proper developer edition and it should be fine.

Perfect, thanks for the update !

The only problem I have now is where to find the developer edition for 7.1 sigh…

I base my docker image off of FROM sonarqube:7.1. But it seems there are no developer editions available. Only community.

And there seems to be no option to download the developer edition for 7.1. sigh…

Oups, I didn’t see you are using the version 7.1.
The latest LTS is 7.9, I highly recommend you to upgrade to this version.

Moreover, you need to know that official docker images for Developer and Enterprise editions are coming soon.

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