Checking if we invalidate the Sonarqube license key by VPC/subnet migration

We have the Sonarqube community (QA) and developer edition v8.9.10 (prod).
Sonarqube is provisioned/deployed in our AWS infra. We recently decided to move/migrate VPC/subnets. Our DB should be backup/restore and its connection string won’t change during this process (based on our recent experiment in QA).
We need to be confident we don’t need to update the license as we do the VPC/subnets migration in the prod developer edition.
Some actions that will invalidate the Sonarqube license key:
Changing the existing database server IP or DNS name.
Changing the database/schema name on the database server.
Restoring the database content from another SonarQube instance (except for production/staging synchronization).
Reinstalling SonarQube on an empty database.
I checked these Do I have to provide the license everytime I redeploy the sonarqube instance?
Sonar ID change invalidate the license

Then you should be good :+1:

In an emergency regarding your license, you can always get in touch with

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