Does upgrade SonarQube version invalidate the developer license key?

I want to upgrade the Sonarqube version from 8.8.x to 8.9.x. I installed SonarQube with zip package on Linux and used Postgres.
I have tested the upgrade procedure in a test environment, and the serverId didn’t change, but I have a concern about the validity of the license key. It is not mentioned in the upgrade guide Upgrade Guide | SonarQube Docs and as far as I know, we need to provide SonarQube version and the ServerID to retrieve a new license key. Is there any mapping between the version and the license key which can cause the license key invalidated?

Thank you and appreciate your help


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License key isn’t related to version*. It’s tied to your DB, and designed to work smoothly and transparently through upgrades, so you should be good to go.


*Once, many versions ago, we had to change the license key format from one version to another. But that was a one-time thing, and isn’t relevant for modern versions.

Many thanks, Ann

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