Is it safe to create and upgrade a sonarqube lab that uses the same license key?

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • 7.8-developer
  • create a lab to test my upgrade to version 8.4.1 via 7.9.6-community (LTS)
  • I’ve created a replica lab of sonarqube in a different environment using a snapshots of my external plugins disk and my database.

My lab is up and running but I am nervous about playing around too much with it since it shares a license key with the prod version. Any thoughts?


You can test the upgrade without providing a license key. All the DB migrations will run just fine and you’ll be able to thoroughly test the UI. You just won’t be able to run analysis.


Hi @ganncamp ,
thanks for the info. I am using snapshots of my production RDS database and my plugins disk however in order to test as close to production as possible. So its coming up with the license key that I have in prod but since the server ID is different then its showing the error “Invalid server ID. Please provide a license for the following server ID: [serverID].” my developers also want to run analysis to see if anything isnt working right. Should it be okay to test like this?



Hi Deirdre,

It’s not designed to allow that kind of use. Staging licenses are a feature of Enterprise Edition($$).

BTW, I’ve just re-read your OP, which says you’re on 7.8 and upgrading to 8.4.1. Anything below 8.9.1 - the LTS and current version - is past EOL, so you should be upgrading to 8.9.1.


thanks @ganncamp