Migrating developer edition license from older sonarqube instance to latest one upon upgrade

Hello team,

We are upgrading SonarQube version from 7.4 to 8.9. The current SonarQube instance is live and being utilised by most of the projects on daily basis. Also, we have changed the underlying server from CentOS to RedHat while doing the migration. Also, we are using development edition license which was recently renewed.

We have done the upgradation successfully and now would like to test the upgraded version before making it live. But we are unable to use the same license on latest version.

  1. Is there a way to test the upgraded setup without license? We just want to see if we are able to scan the results and push them to the UI without any issues.
  2. Once the testing is successful, how can we migrate the license from older server to new one?

Hi @harshada and welcome to the Community forum!

You mention having completed the upgrade successfully. If this upgraded server is not yet live in production, does this mean that you have upgraded a copy of your production server? Is this a different server for testing purposes? And if so, what’s the database being used, is it a different one from production?

I am assuming that you used a different database for this “upgrade test”. In such a scenario, you will not be able to apply your Development Edition license: the license is tied to the JDBC URL being used, among others.

To be able to test this upgrade in a separate server and database, you will need an additional test/staging license. 2 additional test/staging licenses can be obtained when you purchase Commercial Support with your Developer Edition license. You can speak with your sales rep to explore this option.

To upgrade your production server, simply carry on the upgrade as usual directly on production and your license will keep being valid. You cannot upgrade a separate server/database and then apply your previous license to it, as I explained above. If you’d like to proceed that way, you will need to contact your Sales Rep to obtain a new license for your new production server/database by providing your Server ID (and the old one will be invalidated).

I would recommend having a look at this blog post in which we share 3 steps to smoothly upgrade your production server.

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