Can we direclty upgrade the Sonarqube community edition instance to Developer instance after purchasing Licensedirectly or have to do uninstall the existing one install the new one?

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):
We are currently using Sonarqube 7.8 community edition. We have new requirement to do branch analysis which is not available with community license.

Wanted to check is it possible to upgrade from Community edition to Developer edition directly after purchasing license or We have to uninstall the existing instance and install new instance?

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should work like that
Download the Developer Edition here
Then use the same Database you used with the Community Edtion in …/conf/ and use the license in ../admin/extension/license/app
Means you have to use the Developer edtion instead of the Community edtion because of additional plugins, but you may reuse your database.


Hi Gilbert,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

So you mean, I stop and remove the existing sonarqube service on the server as I have installed it as Windows service and use the same conf file for Developer edition and install it as a service again. Right?
As you have said, I can reuse the database which mean the existing projects will not be lost. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong here.



yes, and as always before updating make sure your database backup works correctly.
You should use the new 7.9.1 LTS, note
Sonarqube itself needs Java 11 (whereas the analysis runs still with Java 8)
if you have set make sure that Xms and Xmx are equal, otherwise you’ll
get an ES bootstrap error
MySql ist not supported anymore


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Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for the pointers. Will take care of this.

I have the same situation on my centos 7.7. I want to upgrade sonar 7.6 community to sonar 8.1 developer edition. I need steps how to make this upgrade with migration of Elasticsearch DB and applying my licence. I couldn’t find anywhere. please help.

OK, so you need to go from 7.6 Community to 7.9.2 LTS Community first.
Then download the Sonarqube 8.1 Developer Edition, do the update and apply your license.
No need for ES migration. Sonarqube 8.1 start will cause a rebuilt of ES index.


when you say “do the update and apply your license” is there steps to do this update and apply the licence? please share any link if possible.

steps given here are not clear.


Could you share what’s unclear about them?


Hi Ann… When you say, “do the update and apply your license”… can you share the steps. Because I don’t see any script in sonar installation pack which says how to do the update and install the license.
So if you can help me applying my license to the new developers edition I just installed.


That’s steps 1-6 in the Upgrade Guide

You’ll need to do those steps for the upgrade from 7.6 to 7.9.2 and again for the upgrade to 8.1 CE.

You’ll then go to SonarQube and log in as an instance admin and be prompted to enter your license key.


at step6 I get the below message.

“Migration not supported
Migration is not supported on embedded databases.” I use ES DB.


It appears that you never set up a production database despite the prominent warnings across the bottom of every page and are instead using the embedded H2 database. As the log notification indicates, you cannot upgrade that database; you’ll need to start over, so you might as well do it with a fresh 8.1 DE version. (As a side note, 8.2 should be released next week.)


Hey I want to update my community sonarqube to the developer what is the process to do that and I have a licenses key of the developer how would I update it?

Hi @Manas_Upadhyay

Upgrading from one edition to another does not require much: Simply install the new edition, apply the same settings as the old edition in, stop the old edition, start the new one and you’re done.

After having upgraded, you should forward your new ServerID to your Sales rep, so we can generate the correct license key, which is tied to a single ServerID.
(ServerID will change with the upgrade of edition).


Hey @Carine_Bayon
Can’t we update the same community to developer ?

What do you mean by “update” the same community?

we have launched a server with bitnami as sonarqube as a community I want to update it as a developer edition will it be possible?

Binaries are different, so you should download the right edition.
You can’t “update” only the key to update the edition.