How to add licence key in sonarqube

How to add SonarQube licence key for

Version 6.7.4 (build 38452) -
[LGPL v3] ( -
Community -

In the Marketplace, when you upgrade to an edition (Developer, Enterprise, Data Center Edition) you are prompted to enter your license key. (Global Administration > Marketplace)

Alternatively, if an edition is already installed, you should be able to visit the License Manger (Global Administration > Configuration> License Manager)

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I seem to have the same problem here. I’m running version Community Edition and have received a license key for Developer Edition which I’d like to upgrade this instance to.

However, under Administration > Marketplace, the three editions (developer, eneterprise and data center) have links to “ask for more information” taking me to the relevant pricing/plans page on the SonarQube website, rather than giving me an option to enter my license key.

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @christopher.scolt.wc,

You should check this thread: Upgrade community to DE and this one: Can we direclty upgrade the Sonarqube community edition instance to Developer instance after purchasing Licensedirectly or have to do uninstall the existing one install the new one?
Especially this part:

Download the Developer Edition here
Then use the same Database you used with the Community Edtion in …/conf/ and use the license in ../admin/extension/license/app

Then, if the ServerID is OK, you would be able to put your Developer license key in your SQ. If the ServerID changed, just contact us (Sales Rep) to have your new updated key.


Hi Carine,

we are looking out for a trail version license key on urgent basis , its really important for us set up the developer trail version with trail license and go for full version
please help

Hi @kamadani_hemanth,

you should fill the form on this page, to choose the correct edition you want (Developer or Enterprise), click on “Request a Free Trial License” and add the volume of lines of code you need for your evaluation purpose. Then you will be contacted by a Sales rep, to give you the correct license key for your eval.


Hi @Carine_Bayon

I filled that out after receiving a notice that there was a preference for “professional” email addresses. I filled out another form but have yet to receive anything. Is there any way that you or someone else could take a look and see if my request is somehow hung up? Thanks.

hi @droehl512,

did you reply to the email asking for the professional email address ?
If yes, your request will be managed by our team and you will be contacted by a Sales rep.
With the Christmas/NewYear holidays, it can take a bit more time than usual.


hi @Carine_Bayon. I did. Also, I expected the holidays to add some delay. It has just been a few days and I wanted to see if anyone could check on it to make sure that it had not disappeared or got hung up somehow…

I just checked and you will be contacted by my colleague Sara. Let her just few days to come back from holidays and get back to you :slight_smile:
Happy New Year :slight_smile:


@Carine_Bayon Thanks for checking and happy new year!

I’m trying to set up the Sonarqube Enterprise. But the Server ID and License key are not matching. The SQ shows a Server Id that I want to replace with the new one that came with the License key by purchasing it. So, how do I change the existing server Id? Thanks for any help.

Hi @Zia

you should contact directly your Sales rep by email, to make the change and receive the correct key.


Thanks, I got the correct Lic Key from the Sales. It’s working fine now.

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Hello @Carine_Bayon,
I asked some weeks ago a developer edition license key but I didn’t receive any contact.

Can you please double check ?

Thanks a lot

Hi @Domenico_Loiacono, you should receive an email from one of my colleagues soon!


Hey all!

Let us be careful that this thread doesn’t become a topic just to ping our Sales folks on trial/license requests. :slight_smile: If you have a specific need, feel free to create a new thread (or, more often, just be a little more patient!).

I’m going to lock this particular thread.